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It's still TIME!!!

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Let's put PURPOSE behind it!!

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Dr. Catina Broadwater

Catina Broadwater, Ph.D., is founder and Broker-in-Charge of Broadwater-Toole Realty, LLC. in South Carolina. In addition, Dr. Broadwater served as Brokerage Manager for a Fortune 500 company for over 20+ years. Her diverse range of experiences along with commitment to family and community showcase her adaptability and dedication to her mantra of "reach one, teach one." This mantra has been showcased through her dedication to mentoring and philanthropy which has led her to speak on many stages!!

Dr. Broadwater's story underscores the importance of lifelong learning and adaptability in today's professional world. Her story serves as an inspiring example of how one can successfully navigate the evolving professional landscape, shattering the ceilings that once existed and embracing the limitless opportunities which lie ahead.



​Dr. Broadwater's high-energy and motivational coaching proved instrumental in challenging my comfort zones and dispelling self-doubt. Her unwavering support, evident through the engagement with my business page and shared posts, greatly contributed to a transformative experience. The program has left me with a renewed mindset regarding my capabilities. I express my sincere gratitude for Dr. Broadwater's expertise and highly recommend her program. Since completion, I’m sure this will be my most successful business year to date. Thank you for the invaluable guidance.~~D. Ligons

I have worked with Catina in many capacities over the 15 years I have known her and highly recommend her mentoring, coaching, or motivational speaking services. Catina’s drive for the success of others as well as herself is immeasurable. She has a way of listening to the desires of others and helping them to create a plan to meet all their goals. She pushes you outside of your comfort zone but is always there to provide support and guidance when needed. Being successful around Catina is easy. Her drive for success is CATAGIOUS. If you are looking to improve in any area of your life, I recommend you work with Catina to get to your destination. I’m sure you will not only meet but exceed all your goals.~~L. Patterson

Dr. Broadwater has been an inspiration to me. The way that she has lived her life has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and pursue my dreams. When I met her over 20 years ago, I was immediately drawn in while having a conversation with her. As interesting as she was back then, she has only gotten more interesting. At the job, she always kept me thinking on the positive side and moving toward our team goals. She was a true gift to work with. If you are needing someone to brighten your day and inspire you to be the best version of yourself, Dr. Broadwater is the person for you!~~M. Mcartney

Yesss!! You changed my life. All it took was one speech!! It will always stick with me!! You are amazing!!~~S. Creech